This is the thing I most agree with in the HN comments

When you can afford to get braces, you’re going to have nice teeth. Looking good can cost a lot. It doesn’t come naturally for everyone. Even when the source might be an appropriate one to answer the question, simply linking to or quoting from a source is a violation of the rules we have in place here. These sources of course can make up an important part of a well rounded answer, but do not equal an answer on their own. While there are other places on reddit for such comments, in posting here, it is presumed that in posting here, the OP is looking for an answer that is in line with our rules.

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But the law, which hasn’t been updated since 1976, also gives

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trinkets jewelry We hated Nebraska and they hated us. You don’t hear about that part anymore, but it’s true. But never the way we hated Texas or that Texas hated us. This kind of thinking presumes that illegal aliens will remain in the country. The citizens of this country have to decide whether they want to embrace all the negative consequences imposed on our country so that corporations and businesses can have cheap labor, or we want the illegal aliens to leave our country forthwith. If we want most or all to stay in the country, then we should revoke all the laws that attempt to punish illegal aliens; they should be treated the same as US citizens. trinkets jewelry

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Ensure that the Pear Tree Carnegie Library building remains in

By the time the business is being marketed sales are slipping. Then, by the time an interested buyer surfaces sales are in the tank. Invariably, this hurts negotiations and negatively affects the sales price. Identify all empty buildings in the city centre and work with partners to find innovative ways to bring empty and derelict city centre buildings back into use. Support community managed libraries to make them successful and protect all libraries from closure. Ensure that the Pear Tree Carnegie Library building remains in public use.Invest 2 million in our roads and pavements to fix potholes and improve road networks Improve and increase our walking and cycling infrastructure to encourage more active travel.

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